Welcome to my web site. I write Adult and Middle Grade (under the name M. L. Miller) Urban Fantasy, sometimes with a littlesoft Science Fictionthrown in. I have been published nationally and internationally in non-fiction. My fiction works include The Worlds Below and The Snow Dragon, both publlished on BigWorldNetqwork.com. My grandmother said writing was in my blood, as it seems my great grandfather was a poet.

I have been writing in some form, since I was about 12 years old, writing primarily poetry until my early 20’s, when family commitments slowed me down.

You can keep up with me by subscribing to my blog here or at http://marielle-miller.blogspot.com, and/or follow me on Twitter. My Twitter identity is WriteMMiller. I will attempt to post on a fairly regular basis. Just try to remember, that what you consider “fairly regular,” and how I interpret that, may be quite different! :)

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